Years 5 and 6

Upper Junior Topic – Spring Term


The children will identify different types of bodies of water around the world and focus this with a study on the five oceans across the globe. They will then move on to the water cycle and its importance on our planet, producing a scientific poster to show their understanding. UKS2 will investigate how water is collected, stored, treated and used in the United Kingdom before comparing our water usage to water usage and availability in Kenya. They will also look at the local and national challenge of flooding. The children will also learn how water can contribute to a sustainable future, as well as going on a mini-field trip to consolidate their learning.


Year 6 SATs Meeting - 6pm October 5th, 2017 - Beech Class

If you missed the meeting, please view the Power Point attached below as it contains a lot of useful information about the tests and how you can support your child.