Years 5 and 6

Upper Key Stage 2 – Autumn Term


This term the children will step back into the 1940s as they experience what life was like during World War II.  Classes will find out what life was like for children during the war, discover the countries of the allies and the axis, make a gas mask, listen to wartime music, make a rationed recipe, create amazing artwork and so much more. 

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Year 6 SATS Meeting for Parents and Children

Tuesday 25th September - 6pm - Beech Class 


Year 5/6

English and Reading Response Work


Spellings and Tables


As set by the teacher

15-20 minutes a day 5 times a week

As set by the teacher

As set by the teacher

Occasionally some homework will require more time and will be set over different time periods.

The school purchases an annual subscription to ‘Mathletics’ and ‘MyMaths'. 
We recommend that children access this at home regularly each week.