Autumn Term in Apple Class

Term 1

In our class we start the year with the topic 'Ourselves'.  Initially we will be getting to know each other and learning class rules and routines.  Later, we will be finding out about ourselves including our likes and dislikes, our five senses, our friends and families and how we value ourselves and others.  We will also be talking about hygiene and keeping healthy.

Term 2

Our topic in Term 2 is 'Hot and Cold'.  We will be finding our about different celebrations including Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas.  Linking to our work on Bonfire Night we will take a trip to our local fire station to learn more about the fire service and how they help keep us safe.  As autumn moves into winter we will look at the changes that take place in the world around us.

Starting School

Our Senses - Sight

Our Senses - Hearing

Our Senses - Touch

Our Senses - Smell and Taste