Welcome to North Kidlington School blog.

Firstly, we would like to tell you about the fun clubs we participate in.  I got in to Lunchboox which I have done before because it is really fun.  I was also lucky enough to be in school council so I know we can make this school even better than it is already.  Also the Years 3 and 4 have started a reading club which us Year 5 and 6s are envious of because it sounds so much fun.

One really exciting thing that we have never done before was the dance show at the New Theatre in Oxford.  A group, including us, and 27 other children from Year 1 to Year 6 had the pleasure of being able to dance on a proper stage in front of a huge audience.  We were able to show our own dances whilst wearing awesome costumes.  We believe if it was a competition we would have won!  We did a series of short dances including tap, charleston, ballet, street and a surprise finale.  Our dance was based on different fairytales which linked to the theme 'Once upon a time'.

Everyone in the school have had visits from truly inspirational people, ranging from firefighters and the police to parkour legends and war experts who were explaining the difficulties at the time.  All this was joined by exploding experiments and making model fire engines or rainforest! We love these workshops and practical activities as they are different to previous years.  We look foward to much more throughout the school year.

We are so looking forward to next term and all the exciting acitivities it will bring.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Written by Bella and Annelies.