This area is specially designated to help you understand how the school can support your child’s special educational needs.  At North Kidlington School we follow Government guidelines and have a designated SENCo who supports all staff in the school.

Our SENCO is Mrs. Sarah Muldur and she can be contacted by emailing the office who will forward information to her.

Children’s minister Edward Timpson wrote to parents in 2014 regarding the SEN reforms. Mr Timpson explained the changes that the Department for Education was introducing from September 2014 to improve support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN).

For more information about Oxfordshire County Council’s services and support visit the website below and click on the different areas.

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How does the school know if pupils need extra help?

The class teachers are constantly evaluating your child’s progress with formal and informal assessments. If a child is consistently taking time to learn a new skill or needs support to focus/access the curriculum the teacher will identify this need and discuss their concerns with you and seek advice from appropriate members of staff.

What should I do if I think my child has SEN (Special Educational Needs)?

Always speak to the class teacher and if appropriate he/she will arrange a meeting between you, the class teacher and the SENCo to discuss your concerns more fully.


How will I know how my child is doing?

Usually formal updates are provided through parent’s evenings (twice yearly) and the annual report to parents however if the class teacher has a concern they will discuss it with you. If your child already has been identified with SEND then there will be termly SEND review meetings in which the parent and child are an integral part.

How will you help me to support my child’s learning?

At the termly reviews the class teacher and SENCo will discuss how to support your child within the classroom and at home. If necessary we will signpost or refer to outside agencies to support both you and your child.

What training have staff had in supporting children with SEN?

All staff receive training for SEN that have been identified in the School Development Plan e.g. speech and language difficulties.

How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom?

All children are entitled to participate in the wide range of extra curricular activities offered at school. If a pupil with SEN has difficulty in accessing an activity due to his/her needs or disabilities, the school with arrange appropriate support or adaptations in order to facilitate learning.

How accessible is the school environment?

The vast majority of the school site has been adapted to include disability access.

What specialist services or expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

Please see the OCC website for countywide resources however frequently used agencies within North Kidlington include an Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language therapists, Early Intervention Services, the Locality and Community Support Services (LCSS), Autism Advisory Services, Health Visitiors, School Nurse, PCAMHS and Social Care.

How are decisions made about how much support my child will receive? How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

If your child is identified as having SEN by the class teacher and SENCo there will be termly meetings that review progress against their SEN learning goals. There are three points of view collated at this meeting - the parents, the teaching staff and the child. From these discussions an action plan will be created which will outline appropriate support.

How will the school support my child when starting school and moving on?

When approaching a new transition phase e.g. pre-school to FSU or Year 6 to secondary education, transition preparation and arrangements will be discussed in meetings between the class teacher, parent, SENCo, child and where appropriate, the staff from the new phase. Outside agencies, if required, will be consulted e.g. EYSENIT (Early Years Special Educational Needs Induction Teachers), Educational Psychologist.

Who can parents contact for further information?

Class teacher SENCo: Mrs S. Müldür
Head teacher: Mr G. Kemp
Acting Head teacher: Ms E. Fidler
SEN Governor: Mrs J. Garlick