Governors of North Kidlington School Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school provides a good quality education.

They help to plan the future direction of the school, make decisions on the school’s budget and staffing, and, along with the Head Teacher, set the school’s aims and policies. Governors include parents, representatives chosen by the local education authority, teachers, a non-teaching staff representative elected by their colleagues, and co-opted members who bring particular skills to the governing body. The Head Teacher usually elects to become a member of the school’s governing body.

The governing body meets twice each term. Minutes of the meetings are posted on the school notice board as well as on this website.

Our Governors

Name Status Term Committee
Mike Ling (Chair) Co-Opted 01/11/2015 31/10/2019 Finance/Premises (Convenor), Academy (Convenor), Strategy (Convenor)
Alastair Hosier Co-Opted 01/04/2015 31/03/2019 Finance/Premises
Sally Abbey Co-Opted 01/04/2015 31/03/2019 Curriculum Strategy, Pay and Personnel, Literacy Governor, Maths Governor
Brenda Williams L.A. 21/04/2014 22/04/2018 Strategy Pay and Personnel
Alaric Rose Parent 12/05/2015 11/05/2019 Curriculum, Acadmey, Health and Safety Review Governor
Amanda Darley Parent 10/11/2017 09/11/2021 Finance and Premises
Danielle Walker Parent 01/01/2016 31/12/2019 Curriculum
Jackie Garlick (Vice Chair) Co-Opted 01/04/2015 31/03/2019 Curriculum, Pay and Personnel,  Disciplinary, Strategy, SEN Governor, Safeguarding
Robert Selway Parent 10/11/2017 09/11/2021 Finance and Premises, IT Governor
Frances Miller Co-Opted 01/04/2015 31/03/2019 Finance/Premises
Ann Ling Staff 01/09/2014 31/08/2018 Curriculum (Convenor)
Emilie Fidler Co-Opted 21/11/2017 20/11/2021 Academy
Keri Dallimore-Gray Co-Opted 21/11/2016 20/11/2020
Gary Kemp Head Teacher 01/09/2016 All Committees
Christabel Ashby Co-Opted 19/09/2017 18/09/2021  Pay and Personnel
Clerk to the Governors Mrs. Vie Peart